Complain Reliance Port Number (9582717976)

I tried to many times to port msg of reliance postpaid no 9582717976 but there is no any porting code found ,and there is no customer care connected after many times trial ,I m charging daily rental with poor network ,lot of calls are dropping please suggest us what I do.

In worst situation I will file a case.My number is not working at all which caused the reason of missing the very important calls from my clients and this is not acceptable at all.I have been having a very bad experience with Reliance. If I would have know this is coming from a very renowned brand , My current number 9582717976 and I am in very bad situation as I have missed so many official calls from my company and associates.

I am going to file a case as I am totally frustrated with the service and bad salesman experience.Due to poor signal strength I want to port my number to another network.Called the customer care but they are unable to resolve the issue.My alternative number is 7291860110.

Please suggest what to do