Hari Shanker Subodh versus Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited.

Dear sir,
I am holder of two insurance policies of reliance life insurance company ltd,i.e 50263385 & 50338661.These policies are mis-selling/unfair business by reliance life insurance company’s agent’s,madam Swati singh,Maneesha sharma & Manoj chauhan whose contacts numbers have been given in my earlier complaint sent to you on dated 18/10/2012 which is adressed to branch Manager ,reliance life insurance co.,civil lines, Bareilly.
I have sent my complaint two times to the reliance life insurance co.,through Bareilly branch and again myself by email on dt.1/12/12 but company has declined my complaint,saying that it is recieved after expiry of free look period while it was refundable policy as per information given me by the agents above,for getting my devedend of Rs.80416/- They said not to bother of free look period.
I think that conscious of the company is not clear.The company declined my compaint without considering the facts as given below.
(1) that it is mis-selling/unfair business of company by their agent’s mentioned above.
(2) that I was given wrong information on the contact numbers of agent’s given in my complaint dated 18/10/2012 about devedend,policy term,free look period & premium etc.
(3) that shri Raj kumar, is a advisor of these policy as per policy document,code no.21376204,contact number 09015363897,r/o 1/2282,gali no.6 east ramnagar,Delhi-110032, but this person never contacted me & nor he has given any brief to me,about my devedend,policy term,free look period/premium etc. I can not understand ,How he has completed policy document and witnessed my signature’s.However at several place’s my sign appears forged which have been marked encircled.
(4) that I am going to retire within two years.How can pay the premium for five years as it will be a great problem to me.
(5) that company did not take any action against their agent’s nor they have made any search to traceout the telephone numbers of the fraud person’s for mi-selling/unfair business.I think that a gang of such person’s has been engaged by reliance company for such business.
(6) that I am afraid that conscious of the company is not clear .The company wants to forfeit my both the policie’s amount.
(7) That I am sending required documents for your perusal and in support of my complaint on your email adress.
You are very kindly requested to help for cancellation of both policies & for refund of policies amount with intrest. I will be highly thankful for this act of kindness.
Hari Shanker Subodh
Dated.07/12/2012 Bareilly
Mobile 9410497678

Resolution by Insurance-Complaints.com

Post our follow up policy is cancelled and money refunded to the customer